George's Visit

An afternoon with George and friends

George is somewhat of a radio legend on BBC Radio Wales. He has a slot from about 11pm whereby he chats to radio host Elerie Sion. He lives in an assisted living complex in Chester, and he asked me to bring Sar to his residential complex on Thursday 25th November 2021. George talked about our visit to  Elerie, on the show on 18th November 2021. To listen to George talking telling Elerie how excited he was, follow the link Https:// . George comes on at, and talks about us between 1hr 3 minutes to 1 hr 7 minutes 30 seconds (Just after the 11 o'cklock news).

So, It happened. Sar and I went to Chester and met the legend that is George.We had a great time and as you can see, lots of photographs and video footage was taken. (Thanks to Nicole Barlow, one of the members of staff where George lives). George had a whale of a time as did his friends, and as promised, he told Elerie Sion all about our visit, once again on BBC Radio wales. To listen to that conversation, broadcast on 25th November 2021, follow this link, and you can hear just how much George and his friends enjoyed the afternoon with Dalek Sar. George again comes on just after the news at 11pm, so you can fast forward to just about the 1hour mark on the link to listen all about us.