I had always wanted my own dalek, ever since I was a young boy. I guess any boy growing up in the sixties and being part of the original Doctor Who era has a favourite enemy of the Doctor. Mine being of course, the daleks.

I had often seen daleks for sale and had been envious of those who own them, in fact it had caused one or two arguments with partners in the past, when I had suggested buying one of my own.

Well my dream came true in April, 2018 when I was lucky enough to become the proud owner of my very own Genisis of the Daleks, dalek. My children couldn't believe it when I told them I was considering buying my very own life size replica dalek, but after a little while, they came round to the idea.

My oldest recently confessed, she didn't realise just how much I would be out and about with it and just how much enjoyment I, and many others would get from it.

She loves Sar as much as I do now.

Dalek, Sar is a Genesis of the Daleks, model, and as such this specific design and colour scheme would have been seen with the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker.

The Genesis of the Daleks storyline was originally broadcast in six weekly parts from

8 March to 12 April 1975

Sar, stands an impressive 5' tall and is fully remote control.

Moving silently, Sar can creep up on you almost undetected. His eye contains a camera so he sees all and misses nothing. This means that he can be controlled from a distance so that people cannot see his "handler" (Me).

He has a voice modulator which means that he can say all of the normal dalek commands and sounds like you remember any dalek sounds. He can be made to say anything as I use a remote microphone to talk on his behalf.

His laser gun fires a shot of water if you want him to exterminate anyone.

(Conditions and venue restrictions allowing)

If you would like a "different" crowd puller for an event you are organising, or you like Doctor Who and are looking for something for a themed wedding, or even a convention, then look no further, Sar is here to make your event memorable.

Sar is NOT a screen used dalek, he is a replica.

I have Public Liability Insurance as a member of the Charity Dalek Group.

Our members collect money for charity by attending charity events and asking for donations for the charities suported by each event. We usually do not ask for payment for photographs taken with our daleks, but ask for a small donation to the charity.